Stage 1 Ported Enclosure for Single JL Audio 10W1V3-2

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What is a Stage 1?
The Stage 1 is the standard enclosure to get you up and running.


  • 0.75” Front Baffle: Standard mounting surface.
  • CNC Machined: Automatic router cuts all the parts to perfection.
  • Automotive Grade Carpet: Durable and closely match the trunk area.
  • Gold Plated Terminal Cups: Increase electrical conductivity.
Click HERE for additional Stage 1 details.
    General Value Description
    Compatible Subwoofer JL Audio 10W1V3-2
    Enclosure specifically built for subwoofer.
    Enclosure Stage 1
    Entry Level.
    Enclosure Type Ported
    Provides deep bass!
    Terminal Cups One (1) 24 kt. Gold plated.
    Finish Material Carpet Automotive grade.
    Physical Value Description
    Width 17.000"
    Left to right.
    Height 11.500"
    Floor to top.
    Depth 16.000"
    Front to back.
    Net Volume 1.00 ft³ All displacements have been taken into account.
    Tuning Frequency (Fb) 32.28 Hz. Enclosure tuning frequency.
    Port Width 1.125" Width of the port.
    Port Area 11.292 ft² Crossectional area of the port.
    Cutout Diameter 9.063" Specific cutout diameter for the subwoofer.
    Wall Thickness 0.750" Width of the construction material.
    Baffle Thickness 0.750" Solid mounting surface!
    Weight 21 lbs. Estimated weight of enclosure.
    Stage 1 Ported Single - Orientation

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